Teacher Ideas

Over the years we have found many ideas and suggestions that help re-enforce the material and aid its delivery. We are always in search of new suggestions and feedback. Our current list of suggestions is:

  • Use “ I “ messages in the classroom as a routine way of expressing your feelings.
  • Use the SOLUTION STOPLIGHT when the need arises.
  • Present certain feelings (e.g. angry, jealous, or frustrated) and have the children make up their own story with characters having these feelings. How do the characters deal with these feelings?
  • Encourage students to use conflict resolution themes in their creative writing assignments.
  • Have students write letters to someone in a younger grade teaching them how to use “I” messages.
  • When reading to the students, point out how characters may be feeling or acting on those feelings. Let children feel a connection in their own lives with what the character is experiencing.
  • Discuss healthy and unhealthy choices that the characters in the stories are making.  Let the children suggest better choices for next time the character meets this problem.
  • Rewrite the ending of a story using healthy coping skills.
  • Have the children role-play asking for help in different situations.
  • Suggest various situations and have children work in teams to brainstorm ideas to resolve them so that they will be win-win. Have the teams share with the class.

Footprints for Life is specifically designed to build students’ social competencies, which include planning and decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, peaceful conflict resolution skills, cultural competence skills, and resistance skills.

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